Price List
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Basically any order of one of our customers is unique and it hardly can be compared with any previous or following order. Consequently, each order should be thoroughly discussed between the customer and the respective Interpreter/Translator in order to follow as well the wishes and expectations of the customer as a fair compensation of the Interpreter/Translator for his/her work, time, and energy.

That means you have to consider our Price List below as a basis for negotiations.

Our calculation is based on Article 2 of the German Act concerning the remuneration of experts, interpreters, and translators according to the Judiciary Remuneration and Compensation Act (JVEG) dated Jul. 01, 2004:

Sevice based on Price/Unit

Travelling expenses to/from the customer JVEG, Part 2, § 5, Section 1 0,30 €/km

Xerox Copies
for the first 50 pages
for any further page
JVEG, Part 2, § 7, Section 2
0,50 €/page
0,15 €/page

Handing over of electronical stored data JVEG, Part 2, § 7, Section 3 2,50 €/file


Fee Group 1 JVEG, Part 3, § 9, Section 1 50,00 €/hour
Fee Group 2 55,00 €/hour
Fee Group 3 60,00 €/hour
Fee Group 4 65,00 €/hour
Fee Group 5 70,00 €/hour
Fee Group 6 75,00 €/hour
Fee Group 7 80,00 €/hour
Fee Group 8 85,00 €/hour
Fee Group 9 90,00 €/hour
Fee Group 10 95,00 €/hour

A bill based by the hour also includes travel and waiting periods up to the beginning of the last thirty minutes period (JVEG, Part 3, § 8, section 2).


Translation of an ordinary text
55 touches per line
JVEG, Part 3, § 11, section 1 1,25 €/line
Usage of a special Terminology
Technical Terms, partly illegible, etc.
1,85 €/line
Translation of exceptional difficult texts 4,00 €/line

All stated prices are net. Within the Federal Republic of Germany you still have to add the German VAT of 16%.

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