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National Philippine Newspapers
Online Editions

- in alphabetical order -
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a joint venture of Today Newspaper and ABS-CBN Interactive
Balita Organization
news from the Philippines News Agency (PNA)
Business World
The country's leading business newspaper, represents three decades of professional economic journalism.
In its maiden issue, on February 27, 1967, the paper pledged "competent and responsible reporting of the news."
How to survive--that our immediate goal. The competition is stiff, and you can only cut the advertising pie into so many slices. So it has to make its mark, and soon, to be a major player in the media industry. The long-term objective is a newspaper that the people will buy Kabayan, not because of it is in Filipino but because it is a newspaper one must buy and read.
Malaya means "free" in the Filipino language. Founded in 1981 as a Tagalog newspaper by Jose Burgos Jr., Malaya shifted to English when its sister publication, We Forum, was closed down by the Marcos government in 1983 after it came out with a story exposing the fake medals of former strongman.
During the politically Marcos troubled years of 1983 to 1986, Malaya was at the forefront of giving the public the truth.
Manila Bulletin
The nation's leading newspaper continues its tradition of giving excellent service by setting up branches all over the metropolis. Wherever you may be, there is a Manila Bulletin office that will surely meet your needs.
Manila Standard
Very often we hear the opinion that an information overloading has been reached in the country meanwhile. Manila Szandard does not agree. There are numerous gaps that can be filled in order to publish inconsistencies and promises not held. If the public really is in a fight for positive changes, it must be able to develop, a really free, intelligent - and therefore responsible press.
Manila Times
Traditional Manila newspaper (since 1898) - the oldest running newspaper in the Philippines - however, in spite of its age it informs you as well about any political, economical, and social events as about sports and entertainment.
Nueva Ejica Journal
This newspaper for the younger generation has no paper-and-ink version; it exists solely in cyberspace.
It's an independent Internet publication that is not connected in any way with any government or non-government organization or agency.
It's entirely created and published by one person.
It's updated twice a month.
It's totally free of charge
Pen & Ink
Philippine literary journal
Philippine Star is a news and infotainment portal especially designed for the Filipino Global Community.
Our goal is simple: to keep Filipinos (wherever they are in the world) in tune with the events taking place in the Philippines, in sync with the needs and trends of the times, and in touch with the rest of the world.
The Daily Tribune
latest news of the Philippines - Keep yourself up-to-date and read "The Daily Tribune"!
Ms. Olivares, a well-known personality in mass media, decided to establish her own daily after observing that the current crop of dailies had become too conventional and traditional, too sensational, boring in content, too interpretative and too biased in their reportage of the news. She found that they lacked a fresh approach in presenting the news and the whole package of information fare.
Tempo is a new and modern fashioned newspaper that is read by people all over the country.
At the present the market share of this newspaper is growing very fast in the Philippines.
Today is one of the top newspapers in the Philippines, brings fresh news, business, sports, features, editorials and columns from well-respected journalists and writers.

Regional Philippine Newspapers
Online Editions

- in alphabetical order -
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Local news from the Visayan islands of Leyte and Samar for natives who are living and working anywhere else or even abroad.
One of the leading provincial newspaper in the province BATANGAS - The Goal of this newspaper is to sensationalize the good news without sweeping the dirt under the rug.
Bohol Chronicle
Well know regional newspaper of Bohol that is read by a lot of people.
Although the Bohol Chronicle already had been established in 1954 it is still a "young newspaper".
The recent political tumult in the Philippines ending in the ouster of president Joseph Ejercito Estrada showed once again the role of the mass media in shaping a strong public consciousness and in arriving at a decisive political message – the ouster of a corrupt and inept ruler.
The Philippine press, particularly its liberal sections, had been under pressure by Estrada officials. They used unjust means to whip the press it into the Malacañang line and keep it mum on burning issues, such as cronyism, corrupt practices of Estrada, his kin and friends, crime syndicates with a network that extended to the Palace, the Mindanao war and human-rights violations. But such pressures emboldened the progressive segments of the press even more.
Cebu Daily News
This daily newspaper publishes international, national, and local news that are interesting for Leyte island and the region of Cebu City
Chinese Commercial News
The Chinese Commercial News was established in October, 1919. It began as the monthly newsletter of the Manila Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The first editor was Mr. Yu Yi Tung, the secretary general of the Chamber at that time.
Cyber Dyaryo
alternative Philippine newspaper
Young, fresh, and interesting to all readers who are short of time and do not like to chat away.
Daily Star
The daily newspaper of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, publishing any news out of and about the numerous islands of the Visayas Region.
Filipino Express
weekly newspaper, based in the US.
For the past 17 years, The Filipino Express has provided the Filipino American community the best news, arts and entertainment coverage from around the United States and the Philippines.
Ilocos Times
The Ilocos Times is the longest running community newspaper edited and published in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines over the past 46 years.
The paper was founded in 1920 although it came out irregularly until 1957 when it became a weekly with 90% English and 10% Iluko, the vernacular of Northern Luzon, Philippines. The Ilocos Publishing Corporation, a family-owned entity having its own commercial printing facilities, publishes the paper.
The Website Edition was constructed on October 2000 primarily aimed at catering to the local news and information needs of Ilocos Norte natives and other Ilocanos living abroad.
News and information from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.
This online newspaper sees itself as the voice of the Muslims from Mindanao and from the southern islands of the Philipines that mainly have a Muslim population.
Minda News
The Mindanao News and Information Cooperative Center (MNICC) is the leading provider of accurate, timely and comprehensive news and information on Mindanao and its peoples, serving economically, politically and culturally empowered communities.
Manila Shimbun
Chinese newspaper printed for the population on the Philippines that is based on Chinese roots. It is published in Chinese language und printed in Chinese signs.
Sunday Punch
Regional Sunday Newspaper for Pangasinan and any readers who are interested in that province.
Motto: No man is to be reverenced more than the truth - Socrates
Sun Star
The Sun Star Online Newspaper was set up on April 5, 1999 primarily as the exchange mechanism for members of the Sun.Star network of community newspapers in the Philippines.
Local and regional newspapers of the Sun Star Network are published in Bacolod, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Dumaguete, General Santos, Iloilo, Manila, Pampanga, Pangasinan, and Zamboanga.
The Sun Star online edition has links to its local and regional branches.
Tarlac News
Established on April 15, 1999, was actually in itself an evolution. It evolved from different names, was hosted in various servers, until it has emerged into becoming a leading portal and the most interactive online community of Tarlaqueños from all over the world.
The Daily Dipolognon
The Daily Dipolognon is dedicated to furthering an interest, understanding and appreciation of arts, culture and heritage.
The Freeman
Cebu's daily newspaper since 1919. In spite of its age this newspaper seems to remain young forever since its articles from and about the region are fair, fearless, and sometimes a little bit impudent.

Official websites of the Philippine Government and Administration
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Official government website of the Republic of the Philippines
Department of Tourism
This page publishes useful information about anything you should know before traveling to the Philippines - either as a tourist or for business

Informative Philippine websites
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Philippine Websites
Huge collection of links concerning government, official departments, or local authorities. Additional links to tourism, hotels - etc. Worth to take a look at...
Site with many links. You'll find everything from Business, Education, Culture up to Music and Entertainment